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Scholastics @ BISK


At BISK, we follow the latest and the ultra modern pedagogy that focuses on ‘Child Centric Education’. To implement this, we reinforce learning by creating a healthy ambience that is perfected by personal attention according to different learning requirements. We believe in ‘Experiential Learning’ method wherein, the students are taught in the well-equipped classrooms with audio and visual aids as well as a smart boards with digital contents tailored to suit their requirements.

Preparatory Classes

The daily schedule at BISK is planned in a manner to provide quality time and opportunity for the academic pursuits of the scholars. The students zealously utilise the preparatory time of not less than two and half hours every day to follow up their daily lessons under the guidance of their teachers.

Remedial Classes

Besides, the students at BISK are also given special tutelage on subjects both before and after the examinations, if they so require. In addition to the preparatory and remedial classes, we provide all the added guidance to the students of Board Classes with focus on the Board results. This is done through all year-round weekend extra classes and fortnightly tests through which we track the progress of each student and map their performance.


At BISK, the role of a teacher spreads beyond the classroom and sports field. At BISK, a teacher is a friend, guide, philosopher and a mentor. Every student is assigned to a personal mentor teacher who ensures the much-required personal attention to the child and takes care of the emotional and psychological need of the child. Thus, every teacher has a small number of ten students as mentees and through the system of mentorship we ensure Personalised Attention for the students. The mentor guides the mentee with the choice of hobby, games and sports, helps her/him to identify the strengths and counsels to overcome the challenges. Thus the mentors record the minutest details of the child’s personal growth in every area, be in academics, sports, hobby or soft skills. All such details are shared periodically with the parents to help them monitor and visualise the growing up of their ward, even while being miles away.

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