Birla International School Kishangarh

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Our Alumni Speaks

Karmendra Science
Batch 2016-17

School is a part everyone needs to go through. It was always difficult for me to get up early get ready go for it and wait till it's over. Always hoping sports time comes soon.

Shivani Sharma
Commerce Batch 2016-17

School is the most important part of a student's life, where we enter with tears in our eyes and leave with more painful and bitter ones. I never felt that leaving it would create a big void in my life.

Varun Chawla
Commerce Batch 2016-17

BISK, this does not mean mere letters to me.... Rather it is a gift of life to which I'm indebted forever...
I joined this institution as a rough piece of rock

Viren Science
Batch 2016-17

While Birla was a party to two full years of my growing up, it wasn't just brick and cement that sheltered but blood and bone of a hundred-other people who helped me build who I am.

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